I’m a Stanford University graduate in English/Creative Writing with 20 years’ writing experience as a literary agent, published author, small business owner, and lifestyle blogger.  I love promoting fun products and cool people, and my personal mission is to inspire others to discover and grow their own creativity.

During my early years in publishing, I cultivated an interest in bridging the gap between art and commerce, encouraging writers to look beyond one book and to see themselves as a brand.  I’ve spent the last decade developing my own brand in the craft world, selling my quirky crochet work and designs under the pseudonym “Twinkie Chan.” I have two published crochet books and have been featured in major craft magazines like Mollie Makes and Crochet Today as well as on BuzzFeed and HGTV. I launched a licensed line of my signature crochet pieces, and, on a fun side-note, my bacon-and-eggs scarf was recently seen on Kimmy Gibbler in “Fuller House.” Major companies in crafting, fashion, and “kawaii” culture – such as Michaels Stores, Unique Vintage, Depop, and Japan Crate – have reached out to me to help them with various promotions, and I have always handled my own social media, marketing, blogging, and copywriting. I believe in selling not just products, but a lifestyle, and I want my clients and customers to feel like they have access to me, just as if we were hanging out like best friends.

I look forward sharing my knowledge with you and helping you spread the word about your unique and exciting company!